Ghost Town: Hext OK


Location: Oklahoma

Photographed: August 2014

Accessibility: Visible from roadside. All private property, road access only.  DO NOT TRESPASS.

History:  Hext was a small farming town off of Route 66 in western Oklahoma. Today it is a true ghost town with only the former school (now a barn) and church remaining. Very little else is left and all of it stands on private property. It had a post office from June 4, 1901, until November 29, 1902. The cornerstones that would have originally had WPA and the date carved into them around Hext school and the surrounding fence are gone and the school itself is currently serving as a barn while it collapses. If you have an interest in the vanishing building projects of the WPA/CCC era it is worth stopping to see the school.  The church is being maintained.







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