Ghost Town: Bridgeport OK


Location: Oklahoma

Photographed: August 2014

Accessibility: Bridgeport is not a complete ghost town. Some residents still remain. If you chose to visit, the main street is accessible, but the empty residences and buildings are obviously mostly private property, clearly marked.  DO NOT TRESPASS.

History:  Bridgeport was a small town with great potential begun in 1895 on the Canadian River in Caddo County. In spite of being an important crossing point of the Canadian as well as having status as a rail depot, due to a series of floods, fires, and a town feud that potential was never met and the town remained small. The town feud was based around the town being split on both banks of the Canadian with citizens on one side having clear water and those on the other having gypsum and heavy mineral laden water. Arguments over water rights erupted to the scale of water being diverted and the town that was burgeoning stopped growing and began its decline. Fires and floods took their told over the decades and when Route 66 which runs just south of town was decommissioned, the town began to fall into a more ghost town like status.







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