The aim of The Faded History Project is to preserve through photographs the vanishing past surrounding us before it disappears forever. It is not typically the standard large scale event past, but rather the everyday man’s past, the general store, the boomtown, the schoolhouse, the homestead. It is the quotidian history, the real history, the history that built us, we the people. It is the sweat and blood of the people unnamed in the large scale events we all read about in the history books and celebrate at museums and historic sites. It is the places built by those people. It is the sites in real need of preservation. And it is my great hope that seeing these photographs will encourage resurrection of some of these locations or a sort of honor and protection for them rather than seeing them as blight. If nothing else, to collect their stories here, to document them for the people who come after they fade away rather than let the places of everyday men and women be forgotten will be a dream fulfilled.

If you have more information about a site seen here or photographs of it from the past, information about a site you would love to see preserved in photographs, or are the owner of a piece of property you would like documented, emails can be sent to thefadedhistoryproject (at) gmail (dot) com

All content is copyright The Faded History Project/V.C. Torneden and may not be used without written permission. Images and other content may not be reposted or altered in any fashion. For permission to use any content or for commercial usage rights rates, please contact thefadedhistoryproject (at) gmail (dot) com.

Further information about the artist behind The Faded History Project may be found at vctorneden.com.


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